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Sun Apr 11, 2021 - 07:06 UTC
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Welcome to dS Autos, the home of quality Car Skins and Renders.

All skins are created from scratch, with Illustrator and Photoshop. Models created by myself are produced in 3D Studio Max 7 and rendered using Brazil, finalRender or VRay.

Skins available from dS Autos are for public use unless otherwise stated. This however, DOES NOT grant permission to make changes to the designs. The ONLY change to the skin that can be done, is that your preferred number may be applied to the blank number plaques available on some cars, but if you do this, please don't re-release these or try and pass the skins off as "your own work".

If you would like to use one of the skins here as a base for your own design (this DOES NOT mean a straight copy with some colour changes, for example), please contact me for permission. Please respect the decision made if permission is not granted.

New additions
dS Autos has come to an arrangement with MorroW Designs and have combined our LFS scenes providing two locations for download now. This also benefits dS Autos as MD have also created the LX6 and RB4 scenes which were were missing from here.

The install instructions are very slightly different for MD's scenes compared to our own, so please be sure to read the NFO on the site or the RTF file within the downloaded archive for more information. The process is no more complicated, just slightly different.

Please also note that the LX6 and RB4 scenes both require 3DS version 8.

All skins, images and artwork are Copyright © 2004-2021, Ian.H.
All models Copyright © their respective owners.

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